Transmissions are our specialty here at Cincinnati Transmission Specialists. We provide transmission repair and rebuilding for all makes and models of automatic transmissions. All repairs and rebuilds are completed with the highest level of expertise, and the best quality parts on the market. We pride ourselves in saying that every transmission we build is better than it was rolling off the dealer's lot brand new. We don't cut corners and we employ the best builders and installers in the country.

We are also very experienced in driveline repair and maintenance. From four-wheel and all-wheel drive transmissions and transfer cases, to differentials and axles, we make sure that you get the power to the road with our complete driveline specialists. Again, we provide expert service, top quality parts, and top-notch craftsmanship with every repair we perform.

As with all of our repairs, we want you to get the best value possible to get the most out of your investment.  We know every car and every driver are different, so we offer a few different options to suit your needs.  As always, our repairs are backed by some of the best warranty options in the business.

Here are some of our Transmission Repair Options