Cincinnati Transmission Specialists, Inc. is dedicated to providing the best value and the best options for every customer.  When it comes to transmission repair, more often than not, a rebuild is the best way to go.  However, sometimes a transmission is too damaged or too expensive to repair, and replacing it may be the better option.  Remanufactured transmissions are certainly a great option, but when a remanufactured isn’t available, or a more wallet-friendly repair is needed, we will recommend a low-mileage used transmission.

used on skid.jpgBecause every repair we perform is backed by the C-Guarantee Warranty, we will only install the highest quality used transmissions in any vehicle.  We source only the highest quality transmissions, usually removed by a certified technician from a low-mileage, wrecked vehicle.  We look for the lowest mileage transmissions around, even if they need to be shipped in, and every unit is thoroughly inspected prior to installation.

When one of our suppliers sends us a used transmission, we immediately inspect it, replace the fluid and filter, and often replace certain common failure or wear items before it is installed in the vehicle.  We then install the unit and test thoroughly, the same as if we rebuilt it.  We will deliver the car back to you as good as new, and backed by the same C-Guarantee Warranty as any other repair.

used unitsWe might recommend you choose a used transmission if you need a cost-effective repair, or if your transmission failed in such a way that rendered it completely unrepairable.  Some transmission models don’t have replacement parts available, and remanufactured transmissions are only available at high dealer prices, so a used transmission can be the best option no matter the damage.

Please be aware that not every vehicle will have this option available.  There are certain vehicles that had bad flaws from the factory, and any used transmission would be prone to the same failure.  In this case, we would advise against a used transmission because we want to make sure you aren’t left with a future problem on your hand.  Some older cars may not have low-mileage units available still, so we may advise against used in that case as well.  Please ask us if a used transmission is right for you, or for advise deciding between a used, a rebuild, or a remanufactured transmission.