Here at Cincinnati Transmission Specialists, we typically will rebuild a failed transmission, because it usually provides the best bang for the buck.  However, there are times when replacing the transmission is the better choice for your vehicle, and we will offer a new OEM or a factory remanufactured transmission instead.  Let us explain what this means, and when it might be a good choice.

Remanufactured Transmission
Remanufactured Unit in Crate

An OEM (original equipment manufacturer) transmission is one sourced from the dealer and built by the same people who built the original unit, in the same factory.  This means you are essentially getting a transmission just as it would come off the assembly line to go into a brand new car.  Sometimes these transmissions are 100% new, and sometimes they are remanufactured by the car company.

transmission factory
Transmission Factory

Whether from the dealer, or another factory-remanufacturer, a remanufactured transmission started life as a used or failed transmission.  Remanufactured transmissions differ from rebuilt transmissions in that they aren’t rebuilt one at a time, but rather they are run through the complete manufacturing assembly line just like new.  These factories disassemble hundreds of transmissions, separate all the parts, and inspect, replace, or repair each component to factory standards, and then assemble them on an assembly line in the factory.  This is more costly than rebuilding, because every single unit gets all the same new parts, rather than just what it needs, but is built to the same factory standards as new.

We recommend a remanufactured unit here.
Catastrophic transmission failure that cannot be rebuilt

We only source transmissions from the best of the best factory remanufacturers, because we back them with our C-Guarantee Warranty.  A remanufactured transmission may be a good option if your old transmission is damaged beyond repair, due to catastrophic failure or accident damage.  We also recommend remanufactured transmissions when replacement parts are not readily available, or the cost of rebuilding the transmission in house is more expensive than just replacing the unit, often the case with CVT transmissions.  Ask us if a remanufactured transmission makes sense for your vehicle.