Cincinnati Transmission Specialists, Inc. understands that businesses have different needs than most people when it comes to vehicle maintenance and repair. We understand that vehicle down time is more than just an inconvenience for your business. We understand that every minute you aren’t on the road is a loss in profitability. From the cost of repairs to the cost of missing out on productivity, every little bit counts. As a small business, we know how important every customer is to you, and you are that much more important to us as a result.

Many shops treat fleet accounts just like any other customer, but we know better. We know that you have important needs and concerns as far as vehicle maintenance and repair. Our fleet service is designed to be a customized business partnership to help keep your productivity up and not slow you down. From scheduling oil changes and routine maintenance during your down-time, to quick turn around and priority treatment on repairs, Cincinnati Transmission Specialists, Inc. is fully equipped with everything we need to keep you rolling.

Unlike the chain shops and dealerships, we maintain one-on-one communication and personal relationships with each and every customer. We strive to intimately understand the unique needs of your business and the way you use vehicles to serve your customers. Through this personal understanding of you and your company, we can tailor a plan to care for your business in a way no one else can.

Our highly trained and skilled technicians are equipped with the latest tools and training to work on anything your business drives, from a Chevy Silverado or Express, to a Ford Transit, Econoline, or F-150, even Nissan NV and Dodge Ram vehicles, including ProMaster vans. We are Dodge, Freightliner, Mercedes Sprinter specialists and know the latest technologies to work with diesel and gasoline engines, aftermarket and up-fitted systems, as well as experience with plow and specialty vehicles. We have everything we could need to service your entire light and medium duty fleet. Contact us today to speak with a fleet service representative and develop a partnership plan to keep you on the road and maximize profit.