Classic cars take us back to when life was simpler, engines were bigger, and gas was cheaper.  Sure, the cars didn’t have heated seats, bluetooth, and cupholders, but they did have soul, character, and steel.  They also had parts like vacuum modulators, and carburetorcarburetors, and distributors that took regular maintenance and adjustment to run at their best.
These days, the technicians that can set timing on a classic V8, or know how to dial in that double-pumper are becoming rare.  Here, we embrace modern cars and conveniences, but we haven’t lost the skills and senses it takes to keep that ’69 purring like a kitten.

sti bayWe also can help with high performance vehicles!  From old-school hot-rods, to modern fuel-injected, turbocharged machines, every generation of car and car-owner has found a way to make their ride a little faster, sleeker, and more fun.  Whether you are just pepping up your daily driver, or are cranking up the boost on a diesel truck, we can help.  We know you love your car, and we love keeping you rolling!