rolls royce.jpgThe Automobile was first developed in Europe, and evolved over the last 200 years into a precise machine, oozing with style, class, luxury, and quality.  From the opulent luxury of a hand-made Rolls-Royce or Bentley, to the race-track weapons from Porsche and Ferrari, to the more pedestrian Volkswagen models, European cars all have a sense of class and refinement a notch above many others.

beetleAmericans began their love affair with European cars after World War II, when soldiers brought back BMW, Mercedes, and MG sportscars, and the ever-loved Volkswagen Beetle.  Executives fawned over rich supple leather in cars like the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, while free-spirits flocked to the air-cooled offerings from VW, and driving purists slipped into Porsche and BMW models.

335iWhile there is nothing quite like owning and driving a Euro car, any owner will tell you that their reliability and performance hinges on having a wise wrench taking care of the maintenance.  European cars are well built to tight tolerances, which is why they drive and perform so well.  Those tight tolerances also require regular maintenance to keep them in great shape.

jag f typeHere at Cincinnati Transmission Specialists, Inc., our technicians are trained on the latest technology, and our shops are equipped with all the equipment to service everything from a Porsche Cayenne SUV to a twin-turbo BMW 335i, or the latest VW GTi.  We don’t stop with performance cars.  We are specialists in maintaining workhorses like the Mercedes and Freightliner Sprinter vans, and exotic luxury cars like Jaguar and Land Rover.

range roverWhether you are a free spirit with a VW Microbus, or a hard-core performance junkie in an AMG or M-series, we have the technicians and technology to keep your car on the road.  To top it all off, we back our work with the unparalleled C-Guarantee Warranty.  Your high-quality Euro car deserves even higher quality service.

We Service All of These and More
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