Transmissions: Engineering Marvel, or Magic?

Transmissions are one area of automotive repair that many technicians, shops, and drivers fear. To many, the inner workings of a transmission involve nothing short of wizardry and magic inside an aluminum housing that transmits engine power to the wheels. The truth is, although today’s automatic transmissions are quite advanced and complex, they are not harnessed black magic and sorcery. However, properly maintaining and repairing an automatic transmission does require some expertise many general repair facilities don’t have. Let us clue you in a little bit on what we do, and why it is important to see a Transmission Specialist. Continue reading “Transmissions: Engineering Marvel, or Magic?”

Help Your Engine Keep Its Cool

Summer is in full swing, or at least, that is what they tell me. So far this summer has seemed more like a warmer, muggier version of springtime. We have had more rain than sun, and while perfect weather has never been Ohio’s strong suit, this year seems to have been worse than most so far. I would imagine this summer’s weather would make a Washington or Oregon resident feel right at home. Despite the lack of sun, and even the relatively low temperatures we have experienced, I wanted to touch on the importance of your car’s cooling system. In this article, I will explain what it is, why it is important, how it can affect your engine and transmission, and how to keep it maintained. Continue reading “Help Your Engine Keep Its Cool”

Your Transmission Repair Options

Transmission repair is one of the biggest fears many motorists have. They fear cost, vehicle down time, and worry about finding a shop they can trust to fix it. Many full-service repair shops do not have the expertise to accurately diagnose and repair transmission problems, and dealers will simply replace the transmission with a high-cost OEM unit at staggering prices. This is where we come in. Here at Cincinnati Transmission Specialists, Inc., we have the expertise to take the fear out of transmissions, and several options to minimize cost and get you back on the road quickly. In addition, our warranty far exceeds any other shop in the area, so you know you are getting a quality repair that you can count on. Continue reading “Your Transmission Repair Options”

The Importance of Routine Maintenance

Maintenance and routine service is the number one way to keep your vehicle performing at its best. Cincinnati Transmission Specialists, Inc. has everything you need to save money and keep your vehicle going strong for hundreds of thousands of miles.  We do more than just transmissions, and we do it to save you money.  Skip the dealership, save money and time, and come see us. Continue reading “The Importance of Routine Maintenance”