Don’t Baby Your Car!!

That’s right, we said it.  Stop trying to baby your car thinking your are helping it.  You may actually be causing more problems.  Doctor’s recommend exercise to get blood circulating at full capacity and keep our muscles healthy and organs running at top function.  Cars need some exercise to stay healthy as well, or they may deteriorate and experience more problems.  We don’t mean beat the car to death, but read on and we will explain.  Continue reading “Don’t Baby Your Car!!”

How to Avoid Buying Flood Cars

Our country just got hit by two devastating hurricanes, one in Texas and then in Florida.  Estimates put the number of damaged and totaled cars near a million.  A significant number of those cars will be sold with no documentation of the damage.  In northern states like here in Ohio, used cars often have rust, damage from heavy rains, and other things that make a flood vehicle blend in.  Here are some tips to avoid getting scammed into buying a flood vehicle. Continue reading “How to Avoid Buying Flood Cars”

10 Car Mods That are a Waste

Since the early days of cars, people have been looking for ways to get a little more performance.  There are hundreds of different ways to go about it, and tens of thousands of products to choose from.  Here are 10 mods that may not be worth the money for you though. Continue reading “10 Car Mods That are a Waste”

What am I actually paying for?

When you come into our shop, we give you an itemized invoice when you pay for your repair. It lists labor rate and labor hours, parts, and maybe a few other things you may not be sure what exactly they are. We try to make our invoices easy to read, unlike doctor bills, but still, some things may need a bit of explaining, or you might want to know what all goes into our “labor rate” or what a “sublet” is. Let us help you out with reading and understanding your invoice, and what you actually get. Continue reading “What am I actually paying for?”

10 Odd Things You Can Use in Your Car

Auto parts stores and sites like Ebay and Amazon are full of hundreds of random odds and ends that are designed to make your driving experience a little bit nicer.  Many of these things are either cheap, junky gimmicks, or just way overpriced. We have also noticed that once the word “automotive” goes on the package, the price doubles (“marine” makes it quadruple).  What most people don’t know is that your local discount or dollar store is full of great things you can re-purpose in the car.  Here are just a few of them: Continue reading “10 Odd Things You Can Use in Your Car”

Free Towing with Repair!

We want to make things easy for you.  That’s why we offer to arrange towing when your car breaks down.  Give us a call, and we will send a tow truck to bring your car in.  If you choose to have repairs done with us of $500 or more, the tow is free!  If your repairs are less than $500, you pay our discounted rate for the tow, and still save money over calling yourself.

**Free tow applies to local towing only, and does not cover costs incurred for non-standard towing procedures, off-road tows, etc.  Please contact us for details.

The Answers to the 10 Things Mechanics Don’t Want You to Know

I had a different article written for this week, but then I came across an article called “10 Things Mechanics Don’t Want You to Know.” This article was clickbait garbage, and tried to say that sleazeball scammers were the norm in auto repair shops. While shady repair shops do exist, the vast majority of shops are honest and have good intentions. The crooks are usually pretty easy to spot and avoid. To prove them wrong, here are the answers to their 10 things that “We Don’t Want You to Know.” Continue reading “The Answers to the 10 Things Mechanics Don’t Want You to Know”

While We’re In There

You may have heard it from us or another shop when you’ve had your car in for repair. You have the car in for a transmission repair, and we recommend another service “while we’re in there.” That isn’t our way of selling more work. In fact, we do it to SAVE you money, and possibly save a life. I know, additional work sounds like it couldn’t possibly save money, but let us explain why it does. Continue reading “While We’re In There”

Why We Can’t Use Your Parts

We, along with the vast majority of auto repair facilities, do not allow customers to bring in their own parts. Some customers want to bring in their own parts for one of a couple reasons. The first is the thought that it will save them money; and the second is that they bought the parts to make the repair themselves, and for some reason decided not to do it on their own. Unfortunately, we cannot install these parts, and here’s why: Continue reading “Why We Can’t Use Your Parts”