While We’re In There

You may have heard it from us or another shop when you’ve had your car in for repair. You have the car in for a transmission repair, and we recommend another service “while we’re in there.” That isn’t our way of selling more work. In fact, we do it to SAVE you money, and possibly save a life. I know, additional work sounds like it couldn’t possibly save money, but let us explain why it does. Continue reading “While We’re In There”

Why We Can’t Use Your Parts

We, along with the vast majority of auto repair facilities, do not allow customers to bring in their own parts. Some customers want to bring in their own parts for one of a couple reasons. The first is the thought that it will save them money; and the second is that they bought the parts to make the repair themselves, and for some reason decided not to do it on their own. Unfortunately, we cannot install these parts, and here’s why: Continue reading “Why We Can’t Use Your Parts”

10 Maintenance Items You are Forgetting

Most car owners know to change their oil and rotate tires, but there is a whole lot more to properly maintaining a car than just that.  In order to keep your car at it’s best you need to keep up on maintenance.  Here are 10 items we bet you are forgetting: Continue reading “10 Maintenance Items You are Forgetting”

10 Things We Wish ALL Customers Did

You don’t need to know the water pump from the ignition coil in order to help us out.  Here are a few things we wish every customer did.

car garbage thumbClean out your car.

We could write a book about things we have seen, smelled, and found in customers’ vehicles. Anyone who has worked in the auto industry for more than a day can tell you a few stories. Continue reading “10 Things We Wish ALL Customers Did”

Top 10 Winter Driving Considerations

Winter can present a lot of danger to driving.  Slick roads, cold harsh weather, cars that don’t start, and more can wreck a day rather quickly.  There are a few things that a lot of drivers overlook that could save many headaches, and even save a few lives.  Be smart about winter driving.  Read these 10 quick tips to make sure you are prepared and you aren’t making any dangerours mistakes. Continue reading “Top 10 Winter Driving Considerations”

Synchrony Financial “Working Forward” Small Business Award

Cincinnati Transmission Specialists, Inc. was selected as one of 5 winners out of over 1100 applicants in the Synchrony Financial “Working Forward” Small Business awards. Synchrony Financial is a financing and loan company who provides a variety of solutions for consumers to help afford large-ticket products and services with affordable financing options. Continue reading “Synchrony Financial “Working Forward” Small Business Award”

Top 10 Things to NEVER Do in an Automatic Transmission

10 things to NEVER do in an automatic transmission

You may not know how an automatic transmission works, but you probably drive one every single day.  Did you know there are a few things you should NEVER do while driving an automatic?  These mistakes many people make can cause catastrophic damage to your car, and put you on the hook for some major repair bills if you aren’t careful.  Thankfully, they are all easy to avoid, and we are giving you the advice on how to keep your car in good shape longer.  Read this quick top-10 to make sure you aren’t destroying your transmission. Continue reading “Top 10 Things to NEVER Do in an Automatic Transmission”

Fall Car Care Month

When you think of autumn, I’m sure the things that come to mind are colorful leaves, sweaters, crisp, cool mornings, football, Halloween, Thanksgiving, pumpkins, and hay-rides. You are leaving out a big one, though. Car Maintenance. Yes, just like sweaters and pumpkin pie, car maintenance is an important part of autumn.  In fact, October is Fall Car Care month. Continue reading “Fall Car Care Month”

Lamping Family Awarded

Cincinnati Transmission Specialists, Inc. President, Rick Lamping, and his family were recently honored by being placed on the Wall of Fame at the Butler County Board of Developmental Disabilities. This organization serves a vital role in our community, servicing community members with developmental disabilities and their families with everything from daily care to finding jobs for developmentally disabled individuals and helping to build the skills to become self sufficient. Because of the scope of work the Butler County Board of Developmental Disabilities does, they rely extensively on the generosity of volunteers, and they are very appreciative of them. Continue reading “Lamping Family Awarded”