Joyce Birkenheuer

<b>Joyce Birkenheuer</b><br><i>Office Manager</i>

Position: Office Manager

Worked here: 14 years

In Car Repair: Entire Life 

Specialty: I can do a little bit of what others do a whole lot of 

Favorite Quote: “The juice ain’t worth the squeeze, so chill.”

What are your hobbies and interests?

I spend my free time enjoying music, painting and decorating, and scouring thrift stores for hidden gems.

What is your #1 piece of advice for customers?

Slow down and let the experts handle your repairs.  Try not to rush, good work takes time.

What is your best car-related story?

When I was 16, during my very first driving lesson, on the first turn I went straight into a telephone pole.

Daddy said, “That’s it, you don’t need any damn license.  I will take you where you need to go and pick you up.”  I ended up not getting my licence for another 6 years, when I was 22-years-old.