We, along with the vast majority of auto repair facilities, do not allow customers to bring in their own parts. Some customers want to bring in their own parts for one of a couple reasons. The first is the thought that it will save them money; and the second is that they bought the parts to make the repair themselves, and for some reason decided not to do it on their own. Unfortunately, we cannot install these parts, and here’s why:


Our Warranty

Here at Cincinnati Transmission Specialists, Inc., we offer an industry-leading, 3-year, 100,000 mile warranty that covers parts and labor. The reason we are able to do this is because we know our technicians do top quality work. We also know that the parts we use are of the best quality available, and our suppliers back this quality with warranties as well. We won’t install anything less on your car. When you buy a part, we don’t know if you have the latest redesign. If it fails, our suppliers won’t replace it, because we didn’t buy it. Simply put, if we didn’t source it, we can’t warranty it. We don’t ever compromise our promise of quality to you.

alternatorsYou may not have the right part.

What happens if you misdiagnosed the car and bought a $300 part and it doesn’t fix the problem? You have then paid for the part, and our labor to install it, and then you have to pay us to find the original problem, plus the parts and labor to fix it. It often results in your repair cost being significantly higher. Manufacturers often make multiple parts that look identical, but perform differently, or have been revised to address failure points. We, with our suppliers, have identified common failure points in parts. We know which manufacturers make longer lasting parts than others. We know that if we install a part on your car, it is the absolute best part on the market, and will last as long as, or longer than, the factory original.

product liabilityLiability

If you bought a part that turns out to be a counterfeit, or a cheap Chinese reproduction, and has a dangerous flaw, it could fail and cause injury to you, your vehicle, or other motorists. If we don’t know the source of the parts, we can’t guarantee it won’t cause problems. If we install a part knowing we can’t identify the source or quality of the part, we can be held responsible. If we can’t prove that the part is quality, and don’t know who made it or where it came from, we can’t in good conscience install it and tell you that your car is safe and working well. If the part fails due to low quality or improper design, it could injure you, or our technicians. We aren’t willing to take that chance.

custom carIs There Ever an Exception?

Every rule has an exception. If you have made high performance modifications to your car, the stock parts may no longer be the right thing to install. In those cases, we may make an exception and install your parts, provided they are made by a quality manufacturer and sourced from a reliable parts distributor. Another exception may be that you have a classic car, or a rare vehicle that no longer has new parts available. You may have to track down a new-old-stock part from some shut down dealership in Luxembourg. We may accept that part as well. If you have one of these cases, we always recommend you contact us before buying the part. We may choose to not install these parts, or if we do install them, we may not be able to give you our warranty on the labor. Please ask us before you buy them just in case. We may actually have the solution, or a better option.

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