Transmission repair is one of the biggest fears many motorists have. They fear cost, vehicle down time, and worry about finding a shop they can trust to fix it. Many full-service repair shops do not have the expertise to accurately diagnose and repair transmission problems, and dealers will simply replace the transmission with a high-cost OEM unit at staggering prices. This is where we come in. Here at Cincinnati Transmission Specialists, Inc., we have the expertise to take the fear out of transmissions, and several options to minimize cost and get you back on the road quickly. In addition, our warranty far exceeds any other shop in the area, so you know you are getting a quality repair that you can count on.

trans internals.jpg     Our expertise and knowledge allows us to quickly assess the problems you may have with your transmission, and provide you with several repair options to suit your vehicle, needs, and budget. Because we are the area’s leading transmission specialist, we can offer you several repair options and provide you with the guidance to choose which is right for you. Sometimes minor transmission problems can be repaired quickly and easily, but sometimes a replacement or rebuild is in order. Below, we will explain options in terms of good, better, and best so you can begin to evaluate which will be right for you.


used units   Our most budget-friendly repair option is to replace your transmission with a good, used transmission. In many cases, this is not only the lowest-cost option, but one of the fastest options to get you back on the road. We partner with salvage and used parts dealers both locally and nationwide to get the highest quality used transmissions available. The majority of these transmissions come from low mileage vehicles with good history, and come with excellent warranties, some up to 3 year, unlimited mile parts and labor. The value of a used transmission is excellent, keeping your cost down but keeping you covered with outstanding warranties.


Remanufactured Transmission
Remanufactured Unit in Crate

Our re-manufactured transmission option is one that can save you time, and offers nationwide warranties. This option is also great for unique or specialized vehicles that have limited parts availability, such as cars with CVT transmissions. Re-manufactured transmissions are essentially transmissions that have been rebuilt in a factory by trained transmission experts. These transmissions sometimes come from the vehicle manufacturer, and other times by third-party re-manufacturers who take failed “Core” transmissions, disassemble, and recondition them back to factory standards and then ship to installers.

These transmissions are a good value with good warranties, and the process is the same as what the dealer performs. Warranties on re-manufactured units can range from 1 year, 12,000 miles to 3 year unlimited miles. The cost of re-manufactured units is sometimes higher than other options, but carries factory-grade performance and warranty coverage.


disassembly     The best option we can offer you on a transmission repair is to rebuild the transmission that is in your vehicle. Sometimes called an overhaul, we remove and disassemble the transmission from your vehicle, diagnose the cause of the failure, replace all the wear parts, and reassemble your transmission fully repaired and ready to drive thousands more miles. The re-build process offers a few distinct advantages over the other two options we provide, and carries the best warranty in the business, which can be up to 100,000 miles!

When we rebuild your transmission, we disassemble the unit and diagnose what caused the internal failure. This allows us to address any other concerns your vehicle may have to prevent future problems. As well, unlike used or re-manufactured transmissions, we have the opportunity to upgrade weak-points in your transmission with updated and improved-design parts that exceed the original specifications. As a result, you get the strongest, most-reliable transmission we can put in your vehicle. If you have a high performance car, truck or tow-vehicle, ask us about a rebuild with heavy duty parts to extend life.

The other advantage to a rebuild is cost. Often, we can rebuild your transmission better than ever for less money than a re-manufactured, or even used unit may cost. This is due to the fact that we base the rebuild needs on your specific transmission, and only replace the components that are worn and damaged. It is rare that a transmission needs all of the hard steel components replaced, and you save money in a rebuild by not paying for the expensive parts that rarely fail. Re-manufactured units on the other hand, do not offer you this savings because they are all built in a factory and sold with a set price that allows for these higher-cost components. To top it all off, all of our rebuilt transmissions come with the industry’s best warranty package, starting at 3 years 36,000 miles, and with upgrades, that can be extended to 100,000 miles!

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